Transform your home with paint Part.1

Have you ever heard about Liitu Blackboard paint?

Let me introduce to you a paint which will help you create a unique and personalized chalkboard. Waterborne Liitu can be tinted to all of Tikkurila’s hundreds of colours.


The fun Liitu Blackboard Paint offers many possibilities and can be tinted to all the colours in Tikkurila Symphony colour card – no need to restrict yourself to a traditional black or green.Also Liitu Blackboard Paint can create colourful and personalized chalkboards on walls, cabinet doors, furniture, or small items in your home.

Waterborne Liitu Blackboard Paint it’s easy to apply for a beautifully matt textured surface that works well with chalk and withstands repeated wiping.

What will you need to create blackboard surfaces:

  • Optiva Primer

  • Tikkurila Suprabilit


  • Tikkurila Liitu


With Tikkurila you can create new beautiful look 😉


Tikkurila blackboard is avaiable in our store and you can also order in every colour you like!!!(13 thousand colours!!!!) -by clicking „colours”you can view all available colours 😉