Tikkurila-Magnetic decorative paints part.2

Today’s post will be about Magnetic paints!

  • Magnetic is a waterborne specialty paint for creating wall surfaces that hold magnets. Strong magnets attach best to the surface.
  • If you are looking for creative interior decoration ideas, you will appreciate the dual function of a painted wall as a memo or notice board.Magnetic is suitable for concrete, filler, plasterboard, and chipboard surfaces.


  • Magnetic can be finished 1-2 times with Tikkurila’s waterborne interior finishing paint for walls, if another color is preferred  on the surface than gray( 13.000 colours are avaliable!!!). Thick topcoat layers reduce the adhesion of magnets.

What will you need to make your wall with Magnetic effect?

  1. High in solids Optiva 5 makes the applicators’ life easy. With great application properties and high opacity Optiva 5 leaves a matt finish with deep colour. Ideal for use on new and previously painted walls and ceilings in new construction, schools, offices, hotels, residential properties. Optiva Matt 5 is ideal for above average traffic areas where a matt finish is required.Achieves class 1 in ISO 11998 at 10,000 scrubs, a tough washable, scrub resistant matt finish. Also available in full matt and eggshell the Optiva range has a solution for any surface, style or location.


  1. Waterborne special paint for use in dry interior surfaces. Because of special properties of the paint magnets adhere to surfaces painted with Magnetic. Strong magnets take the best hold of the surface. Magnetic is a waterborne paint for creating magnetic wall surfaces. Suitable for use in dry interior surfaces and provides a magnetic base for lightweight use.
    Magnetic can be overcoated 1-2 times with Tikkurila waterborne interior emulsions if standard grey is not suitable.


Tikkurila Magnetic paint is avaiable in our store at POLBUD 😉