Ceresit IN 45 biała gładź gipsowa

CERESIT IN 45 25kg

Price £14.40 – 25kg

Code 15493

Ceresit IN 45 white gypsum finishing coat to be used as the final finishing layer under paint coats and wallpapers.


  • optimal hardness and elasticity
  • high strength
  • machine application possible
  • easy to grind
  • no delamination
  • layer thickness up to 5 mm
  • vapour permeable
  • smooth surface fi nish
  • ideal for paint coats and under wallpapers
  • with very good adhesion
  • resistant to cracking
  • surfaces fi nished with the coat can be painted with any
  • kind of paint ‘wet-on-wet’ application possible

Ceresit IN 45 has excellent adhesion to gypsum substrates, plasterboards, aerated concrete, cement and cement-and-lime plasters. It can also be applied on concrete substrates. The material must not be used on wood-derivatives, metal, glass or plastic substrates or in rooms where humidity is high.