Atlas Plus S2 Hydro


Price £36 – 15kg

Code 14810

ATLAS PLUS S2 HYDRO highly deformable adhesive with function of waterproofing


ATLAS PLUS S2 HYDRO can be applied in three forms:

  • as an adhesive for tiles,
  • as an adhesive and waterproofing coat in one technological cycle,
  • as a waterproofing coat.

Three technologies are used in the recipe of ATLAS PLUS S2 HYDRO adhesive: Polymer Technology, Double Fibers Technology and Technology Of Modified Rubber Elastomer Fillers. Owing to high content of polymer compounds, fibres and modified rubber fillers, the adhesive obtains unique properties and offers the highest technical and operational properties and long-term durability.

The main parameters

  • Deformability: S2
  • Consumption: 1,5 – 4.6 kg/m² (depending on the method of fixing and cladding size)
  • Min./max. adhesive thickness:
    – tiles fixing: 2 mm / 10 mm
    – waterproofing coat: 5 mm
    – waterproofing coat + tiles fixing: 5 mm / 10 mm
  • Temperature of preparation: from +5 °C up to +25 °C