Atlas GTA biała gładź polimerowa


Price £19 – 18kg

Code 14766

The main characteristics

  • perfectly white, perfectly smooth
  • for application with a roller – easy, even and uniform application without splashing
  • perfect consistency for application and top coat shaping
  • no dusting – clean and safe wet sanding
  • for manual and machine sanding

The main parameters

  • Maximum single coat thickness: 3 mm
  • Temperature of mass preparation, of substrate and ambient during application: from +5 °C up to +25 °C
  • Humidity in a room during application: up to 70%
  • Time of drying: approx. 6 h (1 mm coat, temperature +20°C, room humidity 55%)

ATLAS GTA is a mass manufactured on the basis of resin binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives.

Perfectly white, perfectly smooth – thoroughly selected snow-white mineral fillers of optimum aggregate size allow to form perfectly smooth surface without further corrections.

Optimum consistency for application and top coat shaping – specially adjusted rheological parameters allow effortless application with a trowel, a roller or a plastering unit. Convenient top coat shaping produces smooth surface since the first move of a trowel.

Quick application with a roller – an ideal consistency and prolonged open time enable convenient and quick application with a roller. Top finish can be distributed uniformly without splashing.