Atlas Stoner gips szpachlowy


Price £22 – 20kg

Code 843174

ATLAS GIPS STONER – filling gypsum for tapeless jointing: for plasterboards jointing – without the need to use additional reinforcing tapes or non-woven fabric for boards with factory-made edges. For wall and ceiling surface repairs – recommended for gypsum-based substrates, for local repairs of gypsum plasters, finishing coats or plasterboards..

The main characteristics

  • tapeless jointing of plasterboards
  • flexible and crack-resistant
  • very good plasticity
  • high joint strength
  • layer thickness up to 15 mm

ATLAS GIPS STONER jointing compound for filling joints without tapes


  • Flexible – dry mix is specially modified with polymers and carefully adjusted amount of cellulose fibres. Fibres strengthen and condense structure of hardened gypsum, therefore improve its resistance to cracking.
  • Plastic – easy and convenient in use, both in case of plasterboards jointing and final surface smoothing and shaping.
  • Improved strength – ensures durable, appropriately strong and flexible bond between plasterboards edges.
  • Low shrinkage during setting – absence of additional internal stress in gyp- sum coat guarantees greater stability of bond (with no effect of applied mass retention).

The main parameters

  • flexural strength: ≥ 3.0 N/mm²
  • pot life: ca. 60 minutes
  • consumption: 0.50 kg for 1 m of plasterboard joint