CEZAR – Skirting boards and assembly instructions part. 1


CEZAR production company is one of key producers of costruction finish materials.

Product portfolio includes among others:

  • skirting boards,
  • laminate floors panels,
  • underlays for floorings,
  • carpeting trims,
  • profiles for ceramic tiles and terracotta,
  • profiles for wood walls,
  • wall panels,
  • T-joint,
  • standard and construction profiles.

In this part i will introduce to you  CEZAR Premium skirting boards.

The Premium skirting board is a perfect finish  for three-layer plank floors, laminates and other hard cover floors.

The 22 mm width ideally  masks dilatation gaps. Complete system of accessories  has the same decor as the skirting board.

Fast and simple system of assembling is appreciated by every fitter.





👇In our store you can get Cezar skirting board for only £ 5.00 each (2.5 m long )



👇There is a video how to do it and believe me its very esasy 😉