Flooring from Krono Original – Krono Xonic

Let me introduce to you Krono Xonic. You are going to love it like we do 😉

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Biofireplaces for Christmas


Winter is a magic season and its also good time to spend time with family and enjoy life in warm homey atmosphere while its cold outside. We have an inventory of attractive fireplaces that will suit your taste and style.

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Tikkurila-Magnetic decorative paints part.2

Today’s post will be about Magnetic paints!

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Transform your home with paint Part.1

Have you ever heard about Liitu Blackboard paint?

Let me introduce to you a paint which will help you create a unique and personalized chalkboard. Waterborne Liitu can be tinted to all of Tikkurila’s hundreds of colours.

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CEZAR- Laminated Alu narrow push- in strip LW 30 part. 2


It this part I would like to show you what exactly Cezar laminated prifiles does.


These strips allow for an exceptionally esthetic finish of connections between various floor surfaces. They are an ideal solution for connecting fitted carpets with parquet floor or terracotta tiles, especially as they level out possible difference of levels. The unquestionable advantage of these strips is an invisible method of mounting to the base. This strip is covered with very durable laminate with high level of tear resistance.

Available colours in our store at Polbud






CEZAR – Skirting boards and assembly instructions part. 1


CEZAR production company is one of key producers of costruction finish materials.

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ATLAS SMS 30 -Fast setting, self leveling screed (3-30mm)



I would like to introduce to you ATLAS SMS 30 (foil bag 25 kg)

This fast setting and self leveling scrreed is perfect for:


  • under parquet, tiles,panels,carpet flooring
  • foot traffic just after 4 hours
  • leveling floors during renovation
  • limited linear contraction

The average consumption is 16.5 kg of mortar for 1m2 for each 10mm of layer thickness.

In our store you get ATLAS SMS 30 just for £12.00

For more informaton please call us or visit our store 😉





Decorate your interior with AWD products



Thinking of redecorating your bathroom and don’t know where to start?                                                                                                                   Let me introdiuce a great company of bathroom accessories AWD interior!!!

AWD area of business is sale and distribution of bathroom accessories and home products. AWD interior is the trade company founded in 2002 and available in 18 European countries

AWD interior  has in its sale:

  1. Shower accessories
  2. Toilet seats
  3. Bathroom sets
  4. Bathroom racks
  5. Toilet stands
  6. Toilet brushes
  7. Loundry bins& baskets
  8. Organizers
  9. Pedal bins
  10. Wire accessories
  11. Mirrors& safety grabs
  12. Bathroom rugs& mats
  13. Shower curtains

Individual products are made of  Stainless steel, ABS, PVC, MDF, MDF+acrylic cover, ceramics, polyresin, chromed metal/glass, chromed metal/wood, chipwood, willow, microfibre 

You use your bathroom daily so make the most of it 😍                                                                                                                                                      AWD interior products will help you to refresh your bathroom 🌸

All of the products are avaiable in our store at Polbud!!



Valpaint decorative paints for everyone

Have  you ever heard about Valpaint?

These amazing decorative paints will impress you with colour and texture.

Valpaint makes high quality striking and innovate paints while respecting the environment.

The production range includes multicoloured paints & coatings, water based paints with special effects.

Your walls will take on a new amazing look 👀

Valpaint is available for order in our store!

For more information ask our staff😊

⬇️ Here you can check how it works ….Enjoy 👌




Welcome at POLBUD official Blog

Polbud Peterborough team members

We would like to welcome our all customers who have been with us for over 3 years.

For a long time we have worked on our new website that will help you to choose the building  materials.

You will find here a full list of products available in our warehouse.

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