Biofireplaces for Christmas


Winter is a magic season and its also good time to spend time with family and enjoy life in warm homey atmosphere while its cold outside. We have an inventory of attractive fireplaces that will suit your taste and style. / is a company which can offer you a massive different styles of fireplaces.

  • Portal biofireplaces -The simple, elegant shapes and materials of the portal biofireplace make it perfectly resembles a traditional fireplace.

  • Wall hanging biofireplaces – Horizontal, corner biofireplace open on the left side is an ideal solution for fitting in the nook.

  • Freestanding biofireplaces – Biofireplaces are an excellent solution for interior design – easy to install and to use.

  • Freestanding stoves -Freestanding Stove a cylindrical, modern shape equipped with large-format tiles is a classic stove in a modern and elegant style.

  • Lucy line – The insert with interesting shape and side glass. Thanks to double vision of fire and simple front frame it is designed for the modern home, with unique styling. Such types of inserts are good choice for open spaces where different rooms are connected e.g. living room and dining room.

  • Gas fired fireplace Leo – Once installed, the Leo, with a panoramic view of the fire, discreet frame and the number of elements kept to a minimum puts flames in the foreground. The Leo series can be fired by natural gas.

  • Accesories – Ceramic wood for biofireplaces is a perfect decoration for both hanging and standing devices

  • Decoratives stones -Decorative glass stones create an interesting and aesthetic finish in the biofireplaces, gas fireplaces and gas heaters. Weight: 1 kg.

One of wall hanging biofireplaces – Biofireplace for people who want a device that can be placed on the wall. Modern design and ease of installation makes it perfect for every interior.


All fireplaces are avaiable for order in our store at POLBUD 😉