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PORTA- Doors for YOU part.1

  Today’s post will be about interior doors. Let me introduce to you PORTA. For 23 years PORTA have been reaching for the latest technologies and trends.At every stage of the product manufacturing, this company try to use materials from suppliers certified as FSC, which prescribes the proper management of forests and control the flow of […]

Biofireplaces for Christmas

  Winter is a magic season and its also good time to spend time with family and enjoy life in warm homey atmosphere while its cold outside. We have an inventory of attractive fireplaces that will suit your taste and style.

CEZAR- Laminated Alu narrow push- in strip LW 30 part. 2

  It this part I would like to show you what exactly Cezar laminated prifiles does. Aplication These strips allow for an exceptionally esthetic finish of connections between various floor surfaces. They are an ideal solution for connecting fitted carpets with parquet floor or terracotta tiles, especially as they level out possible difference of levels. […]

Valpaint decorative paints for everyone

Have  you ever heard about Valpaint? These amazing decorative paints will impress you with colour and texture. Valpaint makes high quality striking and innovate paints while respecting the environment. The production range includes multicoloured paints & coatings, water based paints with special effects. Your walls will take on a new amazing look 👀 Valpaint is available […]